The Babes of Burlock

As we sit here today, on the eve of Thanksgiving, during our first big snow storm of the year we become nostalgic. We are throwing ourselves back to warmer days-the end of Summer to be specific. The Summer of 2014 was filled with projects for kids for Burlock. So we thought we'd do a quick flashback. We are working on getting professional pics taken of all these projects, but before we do, here's a sneak peek! A Visual Intro to Our Clients blog1

The Projects They Brought Us

Moving clockwise: Lila told us she wasn't stepping foot out of the womb until her nursery was set up with Lilac, pops of blue and hints of Africa (the very first place, she...ummm, "visited").  It was important that she have a space that was inspired by a print her Uncle Dave bought her (far left in the first pic).

Lila lives in Reno, so we helped her out with our e-Decorating service. While she had a clear vision of her desired style and aesthetic, we helped her find new online resources for different things. She now loves Serena and Lily amongst a few other e-tailers.

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Colin was tired of making his grandma and grandpa sleep in an undecorated basement when they came to take care of him. He requested that we give him a flexible space for sleeping, lounging, entertaining and of course, playing! He had a very specific budget and wanted to work with a neutral foundation with pops of color and bold patterns layered on top of it. The fact that he was dressed in the same colors as his project goes to show his true aesthetic. He had no idea we would be taking his picture that day. Below are the sleeping nook and lounge. Not shown is the play area. That will come in our professional shoot.

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Marco and Lia came to us with a secret. They had a baby sister on the way! Their playroom wasn't really working for them, so how would it work for another sibling too? Knowing about their sister and that everyone will be growing fast, they wanted to do something quick and affordable. So, even though they are local and we've worked with them before (in their pic, they are sitting in the Family Room we designed for their parents), they used our e-Decorating services.

They loved the design and the colors we chose, but their favorite thing was the shelving made completely out of recycled paper. When they have outgrown this space, that shelving will get recycled and easily get another life as something else. (Please note: their new table had not arrived yet in these pics)

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On October 7th, 2014 baby sister to Marco and Lia was born. Bianca Lucia arrived with a proper playroom complete thanks to the thoughtfulness of her two older siblings.

On this Throwback Thursday, we are grateful for all our clients-especially those in the single digits. Happy Thanksgiving!