Best Girls Bedrooms Of 2013

She's sugar. she's spice, she's everything nice!

When the princess needs a room makeover, get ready for over-the-top style with drama galore.

Whether she’s into frills and lace or she’d rather be surrounded in gutsy colors, there’s a theme and tone to fit every girl.

No Ordinary Clubhouse

This two-level 5,001 square foot building features two lounges on the main floor. One is a cozy arrangement with upholstered seating, a television and fireplace; the other has far-reaching views of the Hudson River.

Each resident has a key fob for around-the-clock access to the building, whose design centers on views of the Hudson River and where interior finishes evoke an elegant yet comfortable vibe, thanks to interior designer Nicole Ashey, Principal of Burlock Interiors.

Two Awards from Houzz

One day, early this year, we were delighted to discover that we had been recognized by with two awards, one for service and one for design.

We love Houzz and not just to showcase our work. It is a great tool that we love to use to help our clients find their style. Click on the link above and check out the site for yourself. Create a profile and start building a visual library!

No Wall Flower

If someone were to say they are stenciling a room in their home, what would you think? Most of the population would picture a border of dainty little flowers. That school of thought is changing and Cold Spring resident Cate Olivia Mars is paving the way. Her company, Olive Leaf Stencils, offers a totally fresh take on wall stencils.

In this arena, Mars is definitely the new kid on the block, but she is already making giant strides.

Industrial Evolution - Remnants As Home Decor

An axe, a fishing spear, a giant mixing blade, barbed wire, a machine base—not the first things that come to mind when you’re redecorating the family room. However, for the better part of the past decade, a growing trend to adaptively reuse industrial remnants as furniture and decorative accessories has emerged.

The child’s room, designed by Nicole Ashey, was my personal favorite. Natural wood, a loft bed, and shades of rose and green combine to create a magical, fairy-tale/adventure theme. Everywhere you turn in this room there is something to catch the eye. Decorated canvas drop cloth fabric covers the floor and the bed. “It’s really dedicated to any little girl with growing pains. It’s meant as a refuge and an escape…"

Interior Decorator Ashey Finds Creative Expression That Fits

For Nicole Ashey, it was always about design. Before establishing Burlock, Decorating and Home Staging, the 34-year-old worked for two architecture companies, plus owned an art supply store and a home furnishings store, all in Beacon. All of the work involved a measure of creativity, but not enough for Ashey.

Seasonal Table Settings

Sitting around a table with family and friends for the holidays is a wonderful thing, and having a beautifully decorated table can turn your meal into a festive event. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task—the inspiration of the Hudson Valley is at your fingertips.

One such place for inspiration is Global Home, in Beacon, the perfect name for a store whose owners travel the world to hand-pick their merchandise.

Artful Living Designer Show House

The ArtFull Living designer show house in Cold Spring is a study in fusion: work and play, life and leisure, interior design, and fine art. The 12 rooms that make up this imaginative world of reverie has been schemed and composed by more than 35 artists and seven interior designers who represent the Hudson Valley.

ArtFull Living’s founder and director, Barbara Galazzo, approached developer Wilder Palter for permission to use his show model as display space.

Celebrity Inspired

Fireworks lit up the sky on Wednesday like the wave of a flag at Nascar signifying the start of a very eventful summer. There is art, music, food and fun in store for all of us - but behind the scenes of our Great American Weekends and Art Along the Hudson and Shakepeare in the park there is a ton of collaboration, planning and innovation going in to pulling it off.