What's In a Name

What's In a Name

It might be best to just explain that Nicole thanks her ancestry for her imagination and creativity. The name is a nod to the eccentric women in her family-starting with her grandmother, Amelia Burlock. Amelia wanted to join the mafia at age 75. This little fantasy came from her work as a secretary for some gentlemen in Brooklyn that were completely charmed by her. There is also a story of her giving herself a chin-lift with Scotch-tape and thought no one would notice. She was quirky and eccentric, to say the least. These traits were passed down, first to Nicole's aunt and mother and then to her and are now expressed in her work.

Our Approach

Changing People's Lives Through Design

Imagine your whole life changing because you have a home that suits you. Maybe it means having a gourmet kitchen to let your inner chef flourish, or a soulful space to bathe and unwind in, or perhaps, it's a family room that fosters making memories. Whether you're single, married, growing your family or pairing down as an empty-nester, it's important that your home suit your lifestyle and taste.

At Burlock Interiors, how you live is just as important as where you live. Your quality of life is deeply impacted by the design of your home. Our integrative approach will not only produce results that are custom-built for you, but will use good materials from local resources whenever possible.

We want to help you build your perfect home. Let us help you change your life for the better.

About Nicole Ashey

As Burlock's Principal, Nicole feels great design comes from the client as much as the designer. She looks at each project as an exciting opportunity for each client and each space holds a wealth of inspiration.

Nicole's process is a collaborative one. Simply put, it starts with the client and ends with local artists and artisans.

As an advocate of sustainability and supporting the local economy, Nicole turns to her backyard for talent. As a person who looks to form valuable partnerships to create outstanding projects, she has a breadth of resources at her fingertips.

With a masters degree in architecture, Nicole uses her training to come up with cost-effective solutions to the design problems she is presented with.

As an avid yoga practitioner, Nicole is a believer in energy and balance-for both your inner world and your immediate environment. Though you'll never catch her chanting ‘om’ on the on the job site, you will definitely see her obsession with food and nutrition on social media. Her favorite weekend activity is grazing her way through local eateries while searching for antiques.